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Redemption Trail Quilt

I'm proud to announce that the Redemption Trail Quilt is available! This pattern has been under wraps for the past year, but I'm ready to launch it into the quilting world. This quilt is perfect as a baby quilt. It's quick and easy to assemble. I was able to make the quilt top in one weekend, and that's with 3 kiddos running around!

Two years ago this month, I gave birth to my third child right as Ohio was closing down due COVID. That was a a unique experience with a newborn! But it was during my maternity leave that I took a course for quilt pattern writing. The Redemption Trail Quilt was the quilt I designed. 

Designing a quilt takes creativity, lots of drawings, and revisions. The computer work of creating a pattern was challenging. This pattern feels like another child of mine, after months of laboring through the process of designing and writing!

I wanted to create a quilt that would lend itself to the ombre effect of colors. Turquoise and teal are calming and relaxing. I love how the colors lighten as your eye travels down the quilt. But this quilt would also be fun with a dark background and bright colors as accents!

The second version I made was completed by hand quilting a big stitch within all of the flying geese triangles. I love the way it turned out, and the hand quilting added an extra element of "heirloom" to the modern design. Check out this blog article I wrote about how to hand quilt using a big stitch.

The name of the quilt was inspired by a loved family member who was going through some difficult health circumstances. I thought about how she is redeemed in God's love, and that while she's on this difficult path she would never be alone.

Click here to get your FREE copy of the pattern. I hope you enjoy this quilt as much as I do. Share your photos on instagram #redemptiontrailquilt. I can't wait to see what your create!


Redemption Trail Quilt FREEBIE



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