black chenille-it blooming bias

Black Chenille-It

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Chenille-It Blooming Bias 

Color: Black

2 sizes to choose from: 3/8" or 5/8"

The 5/8 inch width is on approximately 40 yard rolls.  The 3/8 inch wide width is on approximately 25 yard rolls.

Easy to use! Perfect as an embellishment. For a plush chenille reminiscent of vintage quilts, but with a fresh modern look and feel, simply stitch a single layer of Chenille-it down the center anywhere you want the look of chenille.  Finish by washing and drying to fluff up! 

Use the 5/8 inch width on the edge of quilts instead of binding. Simply zig-zag stitch the edge of the quilt first, then sew a double layer of chenille-it along the edge of the quilt. Wash and dry to create the plush look of chenille. .

Use the 3/8 inch width to finish the edges of raw edge applique or to give outline detail on panel fabrics.  Stitch the 3/8 inch width over seams to frame and make any design pop. It also makes the perfect textile add-on for baby quilts.