How To Reverse Applique

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How To Reverse Applique

Looking for a fun way to update your spring decorations? My new Peekaboo Bunny Pillow is adorable and quick to make! What makes this pillow unique is the reverse applique.

Applique was always an absolute “no deal” for me. I love the way it looks and how versatile it is. But I . WAS . INTIMIDATED.  Until I found reverse applique.

After trying out reverse applique, I was hooked. I am committed to "do something different" this year, and trying out applique techniques is one way I'm doing something different. Check out this blog for the "stitch and flip" applique method.


  • Two different fabrics that are the same size (I used one that was pieced, and one that was whole)
  • fusible batting
  • Small sharp fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • marker/chalk


  • First, I adhered my pieced fabric (the part I was to “peek” through) to fusible batting.
  • If using a template, trace the template onto your non-pieced fabric.
  • Layer fabric pieces, both right sides facing up. You’ll have (from top going down) regular fabric, pieced fabric, batting.
reverse applique

  • Stitch around your traced object, and quilt some straight lines through the object at regular intervals. For my pillow, I stitched the bunny outline and then quilted straight lines horizontally. When I made the Wish Pillow for Christmas, I quilted diagonally to make it look like Christmas tree branches.
reverse applique

  • Once quilted, hold fabric in your hands. With on hand, pinch the batting and pieced fabric down. Meanwhile, pinch a the top layer up. For those of you who like a catchy phrase…make a “valley” pinching down with one hand and a “mountain” pinching up with the other.
  • Take your small scissors and carefully cut a slit in the “mountain” part of the fabric. See the photo for a clearer understanding.
reverse applique

  • Then use your scissors to very carefully cut away extra fabric and let the pieced fabric “peek” through.
  • Repeat until all of the sections are cut.
reverse applique

  • If you want, you can stitch down the raw edges. I really like the organic fraying that happens over time, so I don't sew down my edges.
peekaboo bunny pillow

I love this green version Amy from Ritual Quilt Company made! I sold kits for this version, and sadly they are all sold out. But look how cute!

peekaboo bunny pillow

That’s it! I hope you give it a try! If you’re interested, the pattern is here. If you make one, I’d love to see a photo. Share them with me on IG @fieldstone.fabric or email at

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