Easy Fabric Magnets

The holiday season is here! Every year it seems to come quicker and quicker doesn't it? 

As my siblings and I have gotten older, our gift giving has changed throughout the years. As we were first married without any kids, we all bought gifts for everyone in the family. Then for a few years, we bought stocking stuffer gifts and donated money to a charity of our choice. We wrote our charities on paper and put them in envelopes. They exchanged envelopes and revealed what groups we were able to bless that season. I still love that tradition and what it's taught our kids.

As the stocking stuffer became more like "gifts," and more children were added to the family, we are now adjusting our gift giving again. This year, we pulled names from a hat, and we'll be their Secret Santa. 

But then my mom asked if we were still doing any stocking stuffers. Um....I guess I need to start thinking!

I came up with the idea of making quick, easy fabric magnets. My mom and I are the only ones who sew in our family, but we all use magnets of course! This is also a good way of using up some fabric scraps and involving my kids in selecting fabric. 


-Dritz Button Kit (I used sized 45 and 36) You can get size 30 here but too small for my liking. I bought my preferred size at a store, not on Amazon.


-fabric scraps at least 2 in. by 2 in.


1. Follow the directions on the Dritz Button Kit. Make sure you have the kit if you've never made buttons before. The kit includes a clear template and the holder to push the fabric and button into.

2. Center the clear template on your fabric design. Trace along the outside of the template. Cut out your fabric.

3. With the right side facing down, push fabric into the holder. Push a button piece into the holder.


4. Use your fingers to push the fabric into the back of the button. Press the back of the button into place until it snaps in. Make sure to use the flat backing pieces.

5. Take a magnet and glue it into place in the back of the button. 


That's it! Super quick and easy! Once I made one magnet, I quickly made 4 more in a matter of minutes. 

There's one less stocking gift you'll have to worry about, and you can make many in a short amount of time!

christmas fabric

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 Don’t forget to download the free pattern. The fabric used includes Winterberry Spice, Compassion Ruby, and From Within Sparkler.  The fabric and Chenille-It can also be purchased here in my shop. 


  • Hi Ruth! Thanks, yes it should be RIGHT side down so the image is showing through the clear mold. It’s noted to use the flat backing metal piece. The set I used had backs with the shanks and the flat backs. Make sure to use the flat back :)

  • is confusing , if the wrong side is down won’t that end up being what shows? Also do you clip off the shank from the back piece?

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