Chenille-It Binding Tutorial


Welcome back to the third part of my binding series! To check out other creative ways to complete the binding of your quilt, check out my blog posts on flanged binding and scrappy binding.

 quilt with chenille it binding

Using Chenille-It as binding adds dimension to your binding in ways that regular quilting cotton is unable to. If you’re looking for a new way to finish your quilt, try using Chenille-It.



-5/8” Chenille-It (the amount of rolls you’ll need depends on the size of your project) The 5/8” rolls are 40 yards. I was able to use less than 1 roll for my throw size quilt.

-Washing machine or stiff brush/spray bottle (for fluffing the Chenille-It)

-sewing machine



Trim the batting and backing of your quilt evenly with your quilt top.

Zigzag stitch or use a serger on the perimeter of your quilt to seal the edges.

Measure (8) strips of Chenille-it that are the same length as the top/bottom of your quilt, plus ¼”. You will use two layers of Chenille-It for the top front, (2) for the top back, (2) for the bottom front, and (2) for the bottom back.

Measure (8) strips of Chenille-It that are the same length for the sides of your quilt, plus ¼”. You will use two layers of Chenille-It for the left side front, (2) for the left side back, (2) for the right side front, and (2) for the right side back.

 pinned chenille-it on the edge of the quilt

Take two layers of Chenille-It and align it with the top edge of the quilt. Let it overhang 1/8” off both sides and the top. Pin in place.

Stitch down the middle of the Chenille-It across the quilt top.

 sewing machine sewing on chenille-it as binding

Flip your quilt over and repeat the same steps at the top of the back side.

Repeat these two steps for the bottom and side edges.

To fluff the Chenille-It, toss your quilt in the washing machine on gentle cycle. Then tumble dry low heat in the dryer. Alternatively, you can spray the Chenille-It with water, and then use a stiff brush to fluff the Chenille-It.

I mean, seriously! Look at that fluffy scrumptious binding! I'm swooning here.

finished quilt with chenille-it binding

Chenille-It can be bought here, and an additional post about other uses of Chenille-It can be read here.

The quilt in this post is the Origins Quilt designed by Carrie from Lifting Limits Quilts. Pattern can be purchased here. Origins Quilt kit can be purchased here.

 origins quilt block square

The fabric used is the Botanist Collection designed by Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery Fabrics. Fat quarter bundles available here.

origins quilt kit



  • Jennie, the two layers give it more fluff for sure! It also helps cover the edge better. But even when I’m using Chenille-It for dimension on a project, I typically prefer the double layer.

  • Curious why you use 2 layers of Chenille-It is it just to get more fluff? Could you do only one layer?

  • I did this on my last quilt and I love the look! Great idea for finishing a quilt! Another option for a binding and Chenille-It comes in so many wonderful colors, it will compliment any project and quilt!


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