Canvas Block Tutorial

Canvas Quilt Block Tutorial

canvas quilt block

                With every quilt, you are left with extra fabric. What do you do with these extra scraps?

Or maybe your pattern left you with an extra block or two. The options for uses make for fun projects! With scraps, you can make a scrappy binding. Or maybe create a home decor item like my canvas quilt block.

 canvas quilt block

How to Make a Canvas Quilt Block 


-Unfinished 12” quilt block measuring at 12.5” x 12.5”

-(4) fabric pieces measuring 2.5” x 12.5”

-12” Canvas

-Staple gun

-Pliers and flat-head screwdriver in case staples need to be removed

Step 1: Prepare Fabric Edges

  • Iron under ¼” on each end of the 2.5” x 12.5” fabric pieces. They will now measure 2.5” x 12”.


  • Find the middle of each side of the quilt block and the middle of the fabric pieces. Line up the middles and pin in place. Your fabric pieces will be ¼” short from each end of the quilt block. quilt block and fabric 
  • Sew with ¼” seam all four fabric pieces to the four sides of the quilt block. Once sewn, the 2.5” x 12” fabric pieces will just meet in the corners. 


  • Trim any dogeared piece in the corners of the quilt block. trim dogears


Step 2: Attach to Canvas

  • Place the quilt block right side down and center the canvas on top, also right side down.

canvas and quilt block

  • Taking one side of the fabric, fold the corner 90 degrees and then fold the bottom up halfway. Pull the folded fabric over the canvas edge so that the raw edge is now not seen. Staple in place. Pull the fabric taunt and continue to staple every few inches. I used 4 staples on each side. Once you reach the other corner, fold the corner 90 degrees also, and fold the fabric over the canvas.

 folded fabric 

  • Repeat these steps on the opposite side of the canvas, not an adjacent side yet.


  • Repeat the stapling steps on the remaining two opposite sides.


Step 3: Finishing (Optional)

  • The fabric should meet nicely at the corners of the canvas. If preferred, you can use matching thread and stitch the corners closed. I did not opt to do this as my corners met nicely and the gap is not distracting.   
  • finished block

Enjoy your canvas quilt block! This makes for a great gift or a lovely decor item for your home.

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  • My sister-in-law recently passed away unexpectedly she and I were quilting pals! What a great way to memorialize her. I’ll be going through her room soon and any blocks I find I will make a canvas for the kids and grandkids and let them pick and choose a canvas that reminds them of MiMi …. And it just might be because they have seen one of her quilts with that fabric. Great idea! Thank you 🪡🧵

    Joyce Schofield

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