Binding Tutorial Part 2

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Quilt Binding Tutorial - Attach Binding to Quilt

Welcome to the exciting Part 2 of my binding series! I feel like binding gets a bad rap...It's the final stage of assembling your quilt, and all you want is to be done! Cuddle! Gift it! But no, there's this last step that requires special skills such as making binding, attaching binding, mitered corners. And then there's the debate: machine bind or hand stitch? Oh my!

In today's post, we're going to discuss how I attach my bias binding to my quilt. Part 1 found here, explains why and how I make continuous bias binding. It's riveting. I encourage you to check it out!

Prepping the Binding

After making the continuous binding, there's a few small steps to take before slapping it onto your quilt. First, I make a diagonal starting end so that the meeting point of the beginning and end of the binding connects in a diagonal- just the same way as all of the continuous binding seams meet. This makes the start/end look just like all of the other seams. Here's how to do it:

Open the binding at the beginning, and fold the top corner down diagonally to make a right triangle.

open binding fold down corner

Next, iron the fold so it stays. Then, cut off the triangle 1/4" away from the fold. You will now have a folded 1/4" edge.

iron fold cut 1/4" away from fold folded ironed edge

Close the binding back, and iron the fold if needed. This gives the start of your binding a nice finished look.

finished binding roll

Attaching the Binding

Now take the binding to your quilt. I like to start my binding along a side edge at a non-noticeable part. Typically, I start at either 1/3 of the way from the top or the bottom. I also don't like to start next to any fabric that's particularly eye-catching. I love a good binding that stands out in a crowd, maybe something stripey. But the start/end of the binding needs to blend in with the wallpaper, you know what I mean? I want binding to be noticeable because it's stunning, not because a seam is out of place.

That being said, line it up along the edge. Start stitching an inch from the start of the binding and sew about 2 inches until the sewing is at least an inch between the 2 layers of binding. Stop, backstitch, and cut your threads.

line up on edge start sewing backstitch and cut thread after sewing 2 inches


Now fold your binding closed and start sewing an inch or two down from where the binding starts at the end of your diagonal fold. In the photo, I'm pointing to where I will put my needle down and start sewing.

start sewing an inch from bottom of fold

There you go! Sew along the edges, miter those corners, attach the ending, machine bind or hand stitch, and voila! Wait, you don't know about mitered corners and how to finish off the binding?? I won't leave you hanging! Part 3 will cover those parts.

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  • Thank you Mallory! The triangle fold is something I’m going to try and will remember to trim it to make it less bulky.

    Diane Beavers

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